CityCade 122 S. Oakland St., Gastonia NC Phn: 980.281.2233 (CADE)
Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to be over 21 enter?
Yes. Everyone must be 21 and over with valid identification.

Do I need to have a club membership?
Yes, a membership is required per NC ABC law. Our membership only has a cost of $1.00 and lasts for a 10 year period.

Does CityCade ever allow kids to come in?
Yes, on special occassions, like a family day. We schedule these days, please follow us on social media for notificatons.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes. We accept Cash, Credit, and Debit.

Is there a cover charge to get in?
Yes. We charge a $5 cash fee at the door that covers all game play. All games are set to FreePlay, so there is no need for quarters or tokens like many other arcades (excluding the jukebox and crane machine). You may play as long as you like during our normal operating hours.

How much are the games to play?
All of our arcade games are set to Freeplay (excluding a few specialties).

Why don’t you have this game (insert name)?
There are hundreds of titles so it would be hard, if not impossible to have them all. We have however chosen games that we know to be popular, and some that are obscure. We will always be obtaining more titles and rotating our games on and off the floor. If you have a game suggestion, feel free to let us know.

Do you serve food?
Yes. We have a menu with many yummy items, as well as daily drink specials.

Is there live music?
No. However we do play a very eclectic mix of 80's music, and there is a jukebox you can also select music to play.

Will you buy my old video game?
Possibly. Send an email to us at citycadegastonia@gmail.com .

What is the best way to inquire about having a party or special event at CityCade?
Email is the best way to contact us regarding parties, specials events, event packages, etc. Please visit the Party Rental page.

I have a general question or concern for CityCade. What is the best way to contact CityCade?
Email us at citycadegastonia@gmail.com or call 980.281.CADE (2233).

Where is CityCade located?
In the beautiful and upcoming downtown Gastonia NC at: 122 South Oakland Street, Gastonia NC 28052
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